An der Konferenz LIFT06 heute in Genf hat Euan Semple (sein Blog) berichtet von seiner Arbeit bei der BBC. Er hat offenbar dort hinter den Kulissen einiges aufgewirbelt mit der Einführung von Foren, Blogs und Wikis als Elemente und Werkzeuge im Intranet. Eine während des Vortrags geschriebene Zusammenfassung seiner Ausführungen ist bei infamy zu finden. Auch Semple ist inspiriert / beeinflusst / getränkt vom Geist des Cluetrain Manifesto (95 optimistische Thesen über das Netz, die Wirtschaft, den Menschen und die Welt).

I find it increasingly paradoxical that the „grown up“ world of suits and offices and job titles is the one that encourages you to remain childish. You are not really encouraged to say what you think, you pass responsibility up to the grown ups above you and you are rarely able to be held accountable for your decisions. On the other hand in the supposedly childish online world of forums, blogs and wikis you have to be prepared to say what you think, be prepared to stand by it and jusfity it in a debate and if you have fucked up your written thinking is there for all to see forever. I wonder when the grown ups will get this?

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Worlddab gibt Schub

Februar 3, 2006

Gestern gab das WorldDAB bekannt, dass in Indien DAB/DRM vorgestellt wird, nachdem dies in China bereits über die Bühne ging. Die Tour de Promo ist heute in Moskau gelandet und dort wird bereits verkündet, dass WorldDAB in Moskau DAB und DMB startet.

Geht was …

Die DAB-Zahlen aus England

Februar 3, 2006

DAB Digital Radio – Sales and Listening Grow

Figures released by the DRDB (Digital Radio Development Bureau) today show that nearly 500,000 DAB digital radios were sold in December alone, putting cumulative sales at 2.716 million sets at the end of 2005.

• 483,500 DAB radios were sold in the Christmas period, 2005

• 1.449 million DAB digital radio devices were sold in the UK in 2005 (GfK)

• Around 5.4 million people listen to digital radio on a DAB device

• 11.1% of the population live in a DAB household (Rajar Q4, 05). This percentage has more than doubled in 12 months (up from 5.3% in December 04)

• The DAB digital radio market was worth £135 million in 2005, up from £86 million in 2004 (Gfk)

• More people listen to digital radio via a DAB set than via the Internet and DTV combined (Rajar Q4, 05)

In a tough retail market this Christmas, DAB digital radios, along with MP3, were the stars that bucked the trend. Retail magazine ERT Weekly reported: “…new technology, including DAB, sold well, while old technology, including digital cameras, struggled.?

DRDB chief executive, Ian Dickens says: “Christmas on the High Street was a tough proposition this year. DAB digital radio was once again a shining light with independents, the multi-nationals and especially the mass-merchandisers enjoying strong sales right through the holidays and into January.?

The next few years promise to be exciting times for DAB as Ofcom plans to release new spectrum. DAB digital radio is currently available to nearly 86% of the population and new multiplexes are expected to fill in the white spaces which DAB is not yet penetrated. This will further increase sales and listening in the years to come.